Message in a Bottle

sealed in glass

bottles shipwrecked


washed upon the shores

of dense desert isles

corked in air tight longing to escape

heralding messages


while the tides roll in

receding back infinitely

peer through this

pellucid vessel

marvel at

unknown terrors sunk beneath the waves

hidden horrors buried ‘neath the sand

the fury of the sun

and chaos of the elements

the message endures

as the cracks begin to show

and the water leaks in

Traffic Light

waiting at a red light

3 a.m.

with the window down

radio muted

the heat of a passing day hovering as mist above

the pitted asphalt clouding like bokeh

dilapidated desert streets

humming the tune of central air units and

mercury-vapor street lamps

on life support

vibrant and untouched in the palm of night

caught at the crossroads

staring into the searing retina of

the scarlet-eyed oppressor

while my spirit treads on to places i will never



following the line

the curve

and realizing that they all lead to

the same place

stop and go

red light

green light

but so many of us

only see yellow