The Cool of Autumn

the cool of autumn cracks this shell of heat summer splinters scattered shards on whistling wind headlights drawing near on lonesome country roads and all i can imagine is infinite directions photons traipsing cross lingering mist and cornstalk silhouettes following familiar paths arriving at the same place

New Book Available

Hey everyone, below is the link for my second self-published poetry anthology. It is currently available digitally on Kindle and soon as a paperback. It can be read for free on Kindleunlimited, but if you would like a copy, it’s available digitally for $3 and physically for $7. If you read it, please leave a…

To Yearn

sitting in the woods beneath the shade canteen full of lemonade handful of trail mix summertime rustic lean-to fashioned from felled sticks country life for country hicks tucked away sublime undaunted to return from here would be a crime where the woodland creatures chime yet still she’s haunted cursed to leave to return and to…


appease the gods and sate their hunger spread fear among the younger shed blood; fill their cups spill over such young supple flesh on which they sup halcyon minds offered up crushed mint and clover in their hand a spirit high, a body lowered impish jest, divine jokers indifferent towards man nameless meat held to…

Midwestern Folk

there’s something about midwestern folk hidden in the pine and oak lurking in plain view unsettling – warm façade, mad laughter, grin askew venom tongues drip beaded dew grifting and peddling con artists – faced with change they commence with nettling if that won’t work then kettling purged weeds for harvest cut down quick –…

Some Other Time

recently i was asked do you love your family? i quickly responded No. there a hushed pause lingered on the other end of the line broken by the utterance of a meek confused Why? it’s a long story i said some other time

Gave Up the Ghost

gave up the ghost and watched it flailing clinging to its wretched form wary of uncertain valleys sent off to venture forth how miserable he seemed to part with me before our finest hour had the chance to toll and to exhort

There She Lays – A Spenserian Poem

perched atop a spiral stair observing the tile work craftsmanship fairest of fair elegance no detail shirked grim voices in darkness lurk draws her notice and her gaze anxious feeling in her irked doomed to spiral in a daze down and down and there she lays