Scribbling Autumn

pen of time scribbling autumn dripping ink shaded charcoal upon the page – embraced in black all color eroded swallowed in its muted gaze monochromed silenced – hush the whir of vehicles ambience inhale the smoke of moonless nights – the last word written upon the page blending lost within a stained season

Midwestern Folk

there’s something about midwestern folk hidden in the pine and oak lurking in plain view unsettling – warm façade, mad laughter, grin askew venom tongues drip beaded dew grifting and peddling con artists – faced with change they commence with nettling if that won’t work then kettling purged weeds for harvest cut down quick –…

There She Lays – A Spenserian Poem

perched atop a spiral stair observing the tile work craftsmanship fairest of fair elegance no detail shirked grim voices in darkness lurk draws her notice and her gaze anxious feeling in her irked doomed to spiral in a daze down and down and there she lays

Flooded Beaches

on flooded beaches sea life strewn upon the shore gasping their last breath – the moon hangs above clouds pass like windswept petals blackening the sky – out upon the waves a ship wrecks and no one knows corpses crowned with foam – deep sea songs echo cries of the damned harmonize drifting on the…

Filthy God – A Hybrid Cento

she didn’t have time to suffer, or even to grieve, each time he’d thrust his organ deeply into her, her face had distorted. each time he did so, the squeals turned to something like sobs. the small hole in the pink that peeked out between the lips of her vagina would remain open at those…

Snapshots of a Small Town

shore leave on sunday local priest smirks condescendingly dark knowledge spilling out over the rim of that pristine white collar. – watch that boy ducking into the cracks in the wall wife alone and desperate for a taste of something new stirring the pot with a thick wooden spoon until hubby gets home. dinner’s ready….


shave the wax from gibbous – whittle it down to a candle suspended serenely in celestial splendor lambent piece of eight placed upon the still eye of the world paying the fare for the journey across stellar styx – two ships passing calmly through space

Alien Lights Just Before Daybreak

lights are so eerily beautiful early morning after a rain – serene haloed against the smoke and cobalt of a cloudy sky just before the sun burns it away – how they float with phantasmal grace against the ink of black pen stroke forestry – writhing on the pavements in halogen ecstasy quick silver tracing…

Making Way for the Light

you have been told you are wonderful and special and you chose to believe the lie – we are all the same – you can never understand until you experience – i live in shadows because darkness makes way for light – Staring at the sun makes you blind