New Fields

we set off – fearless travelers in tireless pursuit aware of the perils lurking on the periphery – baren satchel bereft of utility endowed with promise – handful of possibility a crumb of opportunity – making camp where others fear to tread lightly into the fangs and furnace lit to bar our path – coated…


appease the gods and sate their hunger spread fear among the younger shed blood; fill their cups spill over such young supple flesh on which they sup halcyon minds offered up crushed mint and clover in their hand a spirit high, a body lowered impish jest, divine jokers indifferent towards man nameless meat held to…

It Was Over – A Rondelet

it was over no words exchanged nor glances passed it was over vacant plot a field of clover a fragile form not built to last a crucible in which we’re cast it was over

The Mere Hope – A Shadorma

i’m locked in no chance of escape crawling in a dim room adorned with rust and tarnished keys without a door – prisoner a worm slithering in the mud belly down delving for the promise of freedom the mere hope

Ice Shattered Flowers- A Breccbairdne

ice shattered flowers sinking in the whistling wind subduing rigid stems the cool rain drizzling – shimmering parterre festive floral vessels tranquilly set adrift coursing pools of beryls – nectarine sunlight gusting gales of august quickened by its gentle shove towards dusk and stardust